Marcello Bergamo

Our founder, Marcello Bergamo created the business in 1977 because he wanted to make professional level cycling kit available to everyone. During his 10 year career as a Professional cyclist, Marcello realised that the kit that he was wearing was not available to the public. The day after he finished his professional cycling career he founded our cycling apparel business, Marcello Bergamo.

Throughout the years we have been at the forefront of changes in technology, garment manufacturing and fabrics. Along this 40 plus year journey we have amassed a wealth of knowledge with a long-term workforce centred around our production facilities in Castano Primo, Italy. Many of our team members can recall the times when jerseys where knitted from wool or screen printed and this vast wealth of knowledge is embedded within the artisans in our business and helps us produce garments that our customers truly love to wear.

Today, Marcello and Fiorenza are still active in the business but the new leaders are the next generation of Bergamo’s. Marcello’s daughters, Sabrina and Alessandra both attended University in Milan but cycling was in their DNA and both have transitioned into the business after completing their degrees.

Comfort and performance is at the heart of our endeavours but we are always reminded of why Marcello started the business in the first place; to make the cycling kit that professionals wear available to everyone. Which brings us to pricing. In 2020 we took the decision to only sell our retail products direct to the consumer. This allows us to keep our prices low as we do not have to build in margins for retailers or middle men and we have the freedom to make to a standard, not to a price.

Shred or Dead Ltd represent the brand in the UK